At ConnexHome Health, we come to work each day to solve key issues facing our healthcare community. Effectively supporting individuals and families who rely on quality healthcare to connect with vital resources, providing desired and necessary services.

As community healthcare needs evolve, ConnexHome Health acts as an enabler to build bridges of support where there may be lacking in the marketplace.

Connections are easy, simple and effective. Utilizing principles and techniques found in various technology domains, we empower the user to find meaningful care based on criteria that is important to each situation and perspective.

Through a unique matching system, our intuitive and easy to use web application ensures seamless connections to dedicated professional care providers are made available. In parallel, the platform offers an opportunity for healthcare providers to extend their unique talents, earn a meaningful living and supports desired outcomes, within the connected medium.

Our aim is to foster healthy individuals and vibrant communities by leveraging the power of healthcare technology. At ConnexHome Health, a subsidiary of ConnexHealth Inc., we deliver healthcare connections – simplified!

Find healthcare professionals nearby that suit your needs.

Navigating the healthcare system has never been easier.

All your healthcare needs - simplified!

Our Vision

At ConnexHealth, we believe that in order to support healthy communities and positive health outcomes, we need to act with purpose, clarity and do great work daily.

Fostering caring, passionate and dedicated professionals, helping to unlock and realize their potential, offers promise and hope for all stakeholders of amazing healthcare results while reaffirming our values.

We have an unwavering commitment of elevating quality of care. Through advancements in technology, combined with simple and easy human connections, we feel that healthcare options and possibilities are limitless.

Our Start

ConnexHealth established a healthcare presence starting in 2018.

Forging a path forward with a small and ever-growing team of professionals, our mandate is to transform healthcare connections through advancements in technology for the better, for all.

Our founder and CEO Medha Saraiya, a dedicated nurse, envisioned an improved delivery model. Supporting easy and simple connections, by way of a secure platform, to help enable dedicated, caring providers offering amazing results to those in need.

As the journey continues, our focus and excitement centres around healthy communities and the possibilities of technological advancements to support effective and seamless healthcare options.

ConnexHealth shall be at the forefront in supporting quality care delivery and solid outcomes for all our stakeholders. Healthy Communities, Helping one another, together.


Medha Saraiya is a dedicated Registered Practical Nurse with a decade of successful experiences in healthcare settings within hospitals, nursing homes, retirement homes and the broader community (Home Healthcare). Medha has evolved progressively within leading management roles, while currently launching ConnexHealth Inc., as the founder and CEO.

A strong believer in the power of effective connections, Medha has a vision of a better health delivery system. ConnexHealth Inc. reflects Medha’s vision of an innovative and client focused Healthcare Technology organization dedicated to bridging gaps within healthcare offerings as required for the benefit of community health needs.

Medha has worked to identify and map solutions, delivering upon an integrated technology ecosystem, whereby, client’s need for enhanced care is met while addressing the inequality of a lack of affordable and reliable resources. In parallel, by effectively listening to voices in the community, Medha is helping to balance Personal Support Worker’s concerns, alleviating their current imbalance between workload, earnings and lack of opportunities. Medha enjoys a good Netflix binge but can also be found in the kitchen baking or crocheting during long road trips. ConnexHealth Inc. is a leading healthcare technology organization dedicated to the betterment of healthy and vibrant communities.