Cancellation requests must occur over through the online portal via cancellation options provided. Cancellations can only be requested by the account holder and must be submitted no more than 30 days in advance of the requested cancellation date. Cancellations must be provided, at minimum, 24 hours prior to scheduled service(s) and/or appointment(s). All cancellations are final.

Please allow 5 business days for cancellations to be processed.

Cancellation Policy | ConnexHealth ( you will find the cancellation pertaining to Client and Provider subscribers.

For Client/Subscribers:

  • Must provide 24 hours notice prior to cancel and/or reschedule date(s)
  • If service canceled within 24 hours. No refund provided.
  • If service cancelled before 24 hours of being rendered, entire amount paid by client shall be refunded excluding administrative fee(s), to the method of payment on file (on account holder account profile)

After cancellation, refunds for unused prepaid fees will be issued by cheque, electronic funds transfer (EFT), or the credit card originally charged within 14 days. The refund will be calculated based on the cancellation policy, services requested and/or other methods such as the number of days left in the monthly billing cycle after the cancellation date.

ConnexHealth has the right to modify content for the Cancellation policies, as and when appropriate. Users are requested to check frequently for the updated policies, which may be found on the ConnexHealth website or that of their affiliate sites.

In the event of a dispute, ConnexHealth may review a request, perform due diligence and advise the outcome. The determination is to be at the sole discretion of ConnexHealth and the judgement rendered is not available for debate.


In cases where a customer’s address or area of service does not qualify for service and upfront fees have been paid, the customer account will be issued a full refund. ConnexHealth shall make every effort to contact the account holder in this situation.


ConnexHealth monitors and performs upgrades to its platform on a periodic basis. Every effort shall be made to communicate service issues in advance, to the user community. In the event of unexpected and/or unplanned outage(s), ConnexHealth, at the company’s discretion, may offer a courtesy downtime credit at its discretion; however, is not obligated to do so. Your account must have gone through extensive troubleshooting and considerations by ConnexHealth in order to be eligible to receive any refund or downtime credit. To qualify for downtime courtesy credit the issue must be on the vendor, support and/or platform hosting side which maintains the ConnexHealth platform and affiliate sites. The downtime should not be as a result of any issues related to ConnexHealth.

Upon verification of eligibility the account holder is entitled to an account credit of the value of the downtime. The downtime courtesy credit may be issued directly to the customer account on their next invoice.


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