• Introduction
  • Guide to Conduct
  • Vision, Mission and Values
  • Code Principles
  • Fairness & Respect
  • Honesty & Loyalty
  • Act Ethically & Maintain Standards
  • Being Responsible
  • Respect Confidentiality & Privacy
  • Professionalism
  • Privacy
  • Health & Safety
  • Ethics
  • Financial Considerations
  • Respect
  • Responsibilities
  • Roles
  • Who is Covered by the Code
  • How the Code Fits with the Governance Framework
  • Responsibilities & Consequences
  • Conclusion



  • ConnexHealth Inc. and affiliated companies such as ConnexMatch have a reputation which is shaped by our actions, choices and decisions each day. Together, we must:
  • Work in the best interests of our clients and the healthcare providers
  • Act fairly and objectively
  • Recognize and address conflicts of interest
  • Think about how our actions may impact our clients, co-workers, care providers and community partners
  • Exercise our best judgment
  • Protect the confidentiality of the information entrusted to us
  • Come forward if we see something significant or material that we think is not in the best interests of our clients or our organization
  • Have the courage to stand up for what is right


Guide to Conduct:

  • At ConnexHealth Inc., we work in a complex environment and serve a multicultural population. We often have very different backgrounds, training and education. What we share is a commitment to improve the health and quality of life for our client, care providers, each other and the public. Our ability to contract high quality care has been and will continue to be possible due to the quality and integrity of the people who are collaborating with our organization.
  • That’s why a Code is so important. It can help us to better understand each other and the people we serve and assist us in working together. Our Code is principles-based. It anchors all of the specific ConnexHealth Inc. bylaws, policies, procedures, standards, guidelines, regulations and directives that set out the rules by which we govern ourselves and the steps we take should we fall short.
  • Our Code is based on both rights and responsibilities. It protects and guides equally all of those who are part of, or work within, under the ConnexHealth umbrella. It recognizes the challenges we face, the high standards expected and needed of us, and the paramount importance of our shared duty to the people we serve. Regardless of where we are working – in the ConnexHealth Inc. facilities, on the road or at home – our actions should always be guided by the Code.
  • Each of us needs to make sure that we understand the Code and know who we should talk to when we find ourselves in a challenging situation.


Vision, Mission and Values:


Our Vision

Healthcare connections and navigation simplified for all facilitated by digital technology.


Our Mission

To provide qualified healthcare professionals at an affordable rate.


Our Values

  • Compassion – We show kindness and empathy for all in our care, and for each other.
  • Accountability – We are honest, principled and transparent.
  • Respect – We treat others with respect and dignity.
  • Excellence – We strive to be our best and give our best.
  • Safety – We place safety and quality improvement at the centre of all our decisions.
  • Together, these five values form the basis of our Foundational Strategies and guide our actions under the Code.


Code Principles:

Principles set out how we live our values. Principles are less specific than policy or rules. They guide us in the grey areas and help us answer the question: What is the right thing to do?

We can’t create policies or rules to cover all possible situations. However, we can build a foundation based on trust and respect where our principles guide us and can help us to do the right thing. We must ensure that we do not violate these principles in a material way.

Our ten principles are:


1. Fairness and Respect: Treat people with respect, compassion, dignity and fairness includes:

  • Showing empathy and understanding
  • Being sensitive to diversity and the unique needs of individuals and groups
  • Listening to and considering ideas and concerns of others
  • Fostering healthy and professional relationships with colleagues and others
  • All parties should always treat each other with dignity and respect
  • All parties are to have mutual respect and understanding of their personal, cultural, linguistic, religious preferences and background
  • Receive client care without exploiting, abusing, discriminating against or harassing the Provider


2. Honesty and Loyalty: Be open, honest and loyal.

  • Being open, honest and loyal is fundamental to fostering an atmosphere of trust where people share and learn from each other and work together to achieve common goals. Being open, honest and loyal includes:
  • Communicating in a timely and appropriate manner
  • Coming forward if you think you have been treated unfairly, and supporting others to do the same
  • Taking responsibility for, correcting and learning from mistakes how what we say or do may impact our own reputation or that of ConnexHealth Inc.
  • Building trust and being trustworthy


3. Act ethically and maintain standards: Acting ethically and upholding professional standards includes

  • Always striving to behave in an honourable fashion
  • Displaying integrity and ethical behaviour
  • Upholding all standards, codes of conduct and codes of ethics that apply to us
  • Upholding applicable ConnexHealth Inc. bylaws, principles, directives, policies, procedures, protocols, standards, codes of practice and any other applicable guidelines, regulations and directives
  • Recognizing and addressing real, potential or perceived conflicts of interest
  • Maintain professionalism and courtesy at every chance


4. Being Responsible:

Taking responsibility for our own actions means being accountable to our patients and clients, ConnexHealth Inc. as an organization, ourselves and to the public. This includes:

  • Doing what we say we are going to do
  • Evaluating and improving the quality, safety and effectiveness of our services and the outcomes of our decisions
  • Promoting excellence, innovation and continuous improvement
  • Recognizing our limitations and seeking help and guidance when needed


5. Respect confidentiality and privacy:

Respecting confidentiality and privacy means we will protect all confidential health and personal information of our clients, co-workers, the public and ConnexHealth Inc. business information. This includes understanding and complying with the provisions of the Health Information Act and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, along with their respective regulations and any other applicable privacy legislation. Respecting confidentiality and privacy also includes:

  • Collecting, using, accessing, disclosing and storing the minimum amount of information necessary to do our work
  • Protecting client, co-worker and other personal information, as well as ConnexHealth Inc. business information
  • Not engaging in public discussions or comments about confidential information, whether it concerns clients, healthcare professionals, employees or ConnexHealth Inc. business


6. Professionalism:

  • Act professionally, ethically and honestly, and in the best interests and well being of everyone at all times
  • Deliver reliable, high quality and personalized care, acting in accordance with the instructions, care plan and/or care goals of the client at every chance
  • Be aware of the appropriate professional boundaries in providing care services to clients, and act at all times to protect the boundaries of the professional relationship with each interaction
  • Immediately report any form of abuse or neglect of a child, an elder or a person with a disability
  • Immediately report any episode or incident which raises concerns about the standards of care provided by a service provider
  • Document all details of any accident/incident (via appropriate forms) that occur
  • Not act in a vulgar manner, nor expose clients or providers to inappropriate material
  • Do not be under the influence or alcohol or drugs at any time while providing care services to the client
  • Practice effective communication and communicate openly, honestly and with clients and their family members or representatives
  • Maintain qualifications, police checks, licenses and registrations, required to provide the care services requested by the client


7. Privacy:

  • Maintain confidentially with all client personal information. This includes but is not limited to the safe storage of information and handling of client records and information
  • Do not abuse or take advantage of any personal or sensitive client information (e.g. health and financial information)


8. Health and Safety:

  • Act with due diligence with respect to health, safety and well being of those involved
  • Provide care in a safe and responsible manner, and in accordance with appropriate standards and guidelines that may be outlined
  • Only provide care services that the provider is capable and qualified to perform, and which may be safe to provide to the client
  • Report any concerns regarding the health and safety of the Clients or Providers immediately to the ConnexHealth management team via various channels (e.g. online, phone, meeting, etc.)


9. Ethics:

  • Behave honestly, truthfully, and in accordance with the terms of use when engaging any of the ConnexHealth group of websites
  • Ensure all representations made, and information provided to ConnexHealth are always honest, accurate and truthful
  • When documenting information, record and report the amount of hours during which the care services are legitimately provided to clients accurately
  • Act in good faith and do not act in a manner which is contrary to the interests of ConnexHealth
  • Under no circumstances are services to be offered by any provider to clients, over and above terms agreed to and disclosed to ConnexHealth. If a client wishes additional services and support, the provider must immediately inform ConnexHealth and an appropriate request must be established through proper channels.
  • Providers and Clients are requested not to exchange cash payments or other forms of compensation, in respect of services which are provided, which should properly be billed and paid via the ConnexHealth platform or through any affiliate platform of ConnexHealth
  • For clients leveraging the ConnexHealth (or affiliate sites), they understand that they are exercising their choice of care and Provider(s). As such, they are accepting certain responsibilities for their choice and their actions.


10. Financial Considerations:

  • Avoid situations which may give rise to conflicts of interest (e.g. personal, professional or financial)
  • Providers must not deal with the finances of clients. Providers are responsible to record details of any occasion where financial transactions are required. Also to provide information to client representatives and ConnexHealth
  • Providers are not allowed to accept gifts from clients under any circumstances. In situations where a gift has been received, the Provider has the obligation to inform client’s family, representative and ConnexHealth to document the situation



Each one of us is responsible for:

  • Ensuring that we act in ways that are in keeping with this Code
  • Reading and understanding the Code and staying current with updates
  • Understanding, staying current and complying with applicable ConnexHealth Inc. bylaws, principles, directives, policies, procedures, protocols, standards, codes of practice and any other applicable guidelines, regulations and directives

Concerns: What to do if you have Questions or Concerns

If you have questions or concerns about the Code or what to do in a situation, you should first consider consulting with your colleagues or professional practice leader or speaking to the person or persons involved. If this is inappropriate, or if you are unable to resolve your concern, you have two options:

  1. You can speak to your manager (the person you report to, the next highest level of management or the professional practice leader), or your local human resources (HR) advisor
  2. You can call or email ConnexHealth Inc. help line for support


Who is responsible by the code:

The Code applies to everyone who provides care or services or who acts on behalf of ConnexHealth. This includes:

  • The ConnexHealth Inc. Board
  • All levels of ConnexHealth administration and management including the President and Chief Executive Officer and other members of Senior Executive team
  • Employees of ConnexHealth Inc. and its subsidiaries including permanent and probationary full time and part time employees, term employees, casual employees, and individuals employed under an individual consulting or service contract
  • Healthcare Providers access and Professionals using ConnexHealth affiliated portals to engage in and deliver services to clients
  • Students, trainees and educators
  • Volunteers
  • Contractors and/or consultants
  • Clients and subscribers


How the code fits with the governance framework:

Our Code is part of the ConnexHealth Inc. governance framework which also includes:

  • Bylaws such as Conflict of Interest Bylaw which, where inconsistencies exist, take priority over the Code
  • Corporate and clinical governance, corporate and clinical policies such as the Safe Disclosure/Whistleblower Policy
  • Procedures that provide the detail needed to meet policy requirements
  • Protocols, standards, codes of practice, other applicable guidelines, regulations and directives Everyone who provides care or services on behalf of ConnexHealth Inc. must familiarize themselves with the bylaws and policies that apply across all ConnexHealth Inc., as well the procedures, standards, guidelines and directives applicable to their own position or activities


Responsibility and consequences:

It is important to be aware of your responsibilities under the Code and to ask questions if you are in doubt or want to understand the Code more clearly.

Everyone covered by this Code is expected to abide by it.

Breaches of the Code are a serious matter.

If you are found to have contravened the Code, the consequences are as set out in the terms of your employment or other relationship with ConnexHealth Inc. and may result in discipline up to and including termination of your employment or other relationship with ConnexHealth Inc.


In summary, the Code is based on five principles:

  • Treat people with respect, compassion, dignity and fairness
  • Be open, honest and loyal
  • Act ethically and uphold professional standards
  • Take responsibility for our own actions and expect the same of others
  • Respect confidentiality and privacy

These principles reflect our values, guide our actions and serve as a compass when we must decide what course to take in a challenging situation.

If you have questions or need help or advice, please talk to your manager, professional practice leader, local HR contact, or contact the ConnexHealth support line at


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