Our professional Therapists and Behavioural Analyst providing education and guidance to help families handle challenging situations and behaviours.

1. Bringing ABA Home

In this workshop attendee’s will learn how to add Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) into their daily lives. First, we will dismantle what ABA is. Then we will discuss ways in which ABA can be used in all environments and in any situation. Once the ABC’s of ABA are solid, the sky is the limit in terms of the use of it in the attendee’s everyday life.

2. A Toolbox for Strong Parents

In this workshop we will be discussing the specific strategies to elevate your parenting skills. When your child is diagnosed with any disability it’s important to know the key factors in Advocating for them throughout their lives as well as Planning for Transitions. This workshop will arm you with the knowledge, resources and help you to put your best parenting foot forward.

3. The 1-2 Punch of Parenting

In this workshop you will be preparing and planning for effective strategies for the 2 major pieces of raising any child. However, when you have a child with a disability the issues can seem insurmountable. Join us for this workshop to learn more about 1. Sleep and 2. Nutrition. The strategies provided will revolutionize how you support your child from here on out.

4. 5 steps to Teaching Independence

In this workshop parents will learn the 5 most relevant skills to support your child in living independently. No matter your child’s age, thinking about the future is important, building strategies that allow your child to learn specific skills that will take them through their life-spans as independent and strong individuals is vital to your families success now and in 20 years.

5. Dealing with the Meltdown like a Pro

In this workshop attendee’s will learn the specific identifiers that allow professionals to support their children’s behavioural outbursts. Parents will end this session by knowing the ABC’s of behaviour and increase their knowledge on how to effectively reduce the likelihood of a behaviour occurring in the first place and how to dismantle the behaviour as it occurs.

6. Regulating the Sensitive System

In this workshop families will begin to learn about why emotional regulation is vital to their child’s success, pinpointing exactly what part of the brain is affected by regulation difficulties and provide strategies that support your child in learning how to maintain a calm demeanor during very difficult times. The workshop will also cover data systems that allow you to determine triggers that can be modified for your family’s success.

7. The Key to Unlocking the World’s Problems

Communication is the KEY to all successful engagements in our communities whether at work or in our personal lives. This workshop will allow families to understand the different considerations of teaching their children to communicate and provide them with the skills necessary to expand their communicative behaviours. They will also learn how to set up expectations in a variety of environments.

8. Making Friends

Parents who attend this workshop will gain insight into the work that is required to set up their child for a successful integration on the playground, the ultimate location to prove your training effective. Play skills will be taught using a variety of approaches and a discussion on social skills will help to support integration in a group setting.

9. Breaking Down Autism

In this workshop we will discuss the fundamentals in terms of Developmental Disabilities and Childhood Mental Health Disorders. Ideas on how to break down barriers that exist in our communities when it comes to your child’s needs will be discussed.

10. Simplifying the Toilet Training Process

In this workshop we will discuss the simplified strategies to make toilet training much more streamlined than ever before. We will touch upon the various practices that exist in toilet training research and delve into the most effective, most efficient evidence-based process. Toilet training is a scary beast, but this process will break it down so that parents feel in control of it.

Independent Session Registrations

$75 Per Session
  • Families would be able to register for each individual session.
  • Pick and choose the sessions that work for you
  • 1 Hour Sessions
  • Small Group Sizes

Complete Package

One Time Payment | Includes 2 hours with our BCBA
  • 10 week workshop: 1 hour per week for 10 weeks
  • 1 hour intake session: Behaviour Analyst to assess client needs
  • Individualized recommendations after each session
  • 1 hour session review: at the end of 10 weeks, clients will spend 1 hour with
  • Behaviour Analyst to review strategies


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