What does ConnexMatch do?

ConnexMatch is a portal where people who require in-home or community care can search for and connect directly with nurses, personal support workers, physiotherapist and other support workers in their area.

Whether you’re looking for round-the-clock care, overnight respite, daily assistance, or just weekly drop-ins, on ConnexMatch, you can find the highest quality workers fast and easily.

Care Providers can create their own profile on ConnexMatch that outlines their experience, qualifications, availability, hourly rates and interests. You can then easily search, compare and choose the right care worker for you.

How is ConnexMatch different from traditional care providers/agencies?

ConnexMatch does not provide the care, and we do not employ the workers on our platform. We offer a new model in community and home care that allows you to choose and directly hire the people who will be coming into your home to provide care and support.

By hiring directly, you can afford more hours of care, while care workers have the potential to earn more, and you can both benefit by building long-term relationships.

How much does ConnexMatch cost?

Signing up to ConnexMatch is free for the clients and the care providers pay $ 29.00 per month for a basic membership and $290.00 per annum membership. Care workers on the platform can set their own hourly rates, which are displayed on their profile. You can agree to the rate and schedule with each individual care worker before engaging them.

ConnexMatch enables consumers and independent workers to agree a rate between themselves. The consumer then pays this agreed rate plus 5%, while the independent worker receives the agreed rate less 10%.

No fees are charged until a client hires a care worker. Care providers can request the payment once the services are delivered. All payments are made online and can be easily tracked via reports on your dashboard.

Is it safe to use ConnexMatch?

Safety of those in our community is our priority. All care providers using the ConnexMatch platform undergo a strict on-boarding process, including reference and qualification checks, police checks and verification of any specific requirements for nurses and other care professionals providing personal care.

All of the workers on the ConnexMatch platform have comprehensive insurances arranged on their behalf.

What services are offered by care providers?

Workers on our platform will list their services on their profile.

These can include:

Nursing Services such as wound care, diabetes care, catheter care, medication management, continence management, bowel and bladder management or case management. Personal Support Workers services such as showering, dressing, toileting and grooming, manual transfer, assistance with medication, dementia, palliative and disability care. Social Support and Domestic Assistance such as companionship, meal preparation, cleaning and laundry, light housework, gardening or basic home maintenance. Therapy Support offered by professional care providers such as Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Pathologist.

The portal also provides information about businesses and other professionals in the community that can assist you.

How does payment work?

ConnexMatch collects payments from you on behalf of your professional care providers.

Credit/Debit Card: This is the most common method of payment and can be set up online. After you find the independent care providers that you would want to hire, the rate and hours; you will be directed to make payment.  Payment includes rate plus 5% will be charged to your nominated credit card.

How can I sign up as a care provider?

Go to the care provider login page to sign up for and start completing your ConnexMatch profile.

To be ‘live’ on our platform you will need to complete our registration process and provide us with a current vulnerable police check, references, and necessary qualifications. Once this is done, a member of our team will connect with you either via phone or email to activate your account.

What if a client or care worker suggests scheduling care and making payments outside of ConnexMatch platform to avoid fees?

Our fees enable us to continue to grow the ConnexMatch community and deliver innovative technology and solutions for the benefit of clients and care providers using our platform. We have made every effort to ensure our fees are reasonable for the services we offer.

Scheduling care and making payment through the ConnexMatch platform ensures there is a transparent record of all care delivered and payments made. Importantly, care providers are not covered by the insurance policies arranged on their behalf by ConnexMatch for care delivered outside the ConnexMatch platform. If a care provider or client arranges payment outside the platform their account may be deactivated, and they could face penalties.

For further details see our Terms of Use.

For the safety of everyone in the community, we encourage you to get in touch if anyone asks you to arrange payment outside of the system.


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