ConnexHealth, in collaboration with DeliverNorth, have created as solution to help you be compliant while saving money!​​

Web portal and phone app that assists in managing regulated care and control of medication deliveries – easily monitor and document your deliveries:


  • Driver and delivery tracking with an easy app and web portal – peace of mind deliveries
  • Compliance and auditing documentation at your fingertips – no pen and paper tracking
  • Full transparency of deliveries with real-time information – delivery risk is minimized
  • Total control of transactions – ability to easily manage increases in deliveries and drivers
  • Ability to provide the service as a value-add to all customers – enhance customer experience
This will be used by our drivers in case they need to contact the pharmacy.
What are you preferred pickup times? A driver will arrive within a one hour window of this time to pickup deliveries that are ready. Each pickup should have at least 5 deliveries or more when possible. It is recommended that last delivery time be two hours prior to closing.
If you require weekend pickup please select from the options below. It is recommended that your last pickup time be two hours prior to closing.
The number of deliveries during emergency orders.
On average, how many prescriptions does your pharmacy fulfill each day?


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