Cognitive Activities and Brain Exercises for Seniors

By Medha Saraiya

March 11


It’s just as important to keep our brain active as it is our body. Physical exercises improve out heart, muscles and movement, and mental exercises play an important role in strengthening and maintaining overall brain functions.


Here are some examples:

  • Meditation: Meditation allows the brain to relax and focus on one thought at a time.
  • Art & Crafts: Arts and crafts activities are proven to help reduce anxiety and stress. They provide us with emotional outlet, making us feel happier. All of these benefits help keep your mind sharpened and your cognitive abilities strong.
  • Language classes: Learning new language assists in improving critical thinking, recall information and practice the ability to annunciate.
  • Word games: Critical thinking is involved in completing word games such as Crossword puzzles. Thus, they are helpful in maintaining brain health.
  • Nature Walk: Leisurely nature walks help reduce stress, may increase socialization and fresh air assists in improving mood and overall health. This helps older adults feel connected to what is around them and to themselves. Keeping track of interesting landmarks and animals throughout your walk also helps keep your ability to recall details sharp.