Happy Moving!

By Medha Saraiya

February 23rd, 2021


Happy Moving!


Get up…. And move!!


It is difficult for many, including myself to commit to an #exercise schedule. In this blog, I am not talking about 30 minutes running or 5 mile walks a day. Instead, we’re going to be talking about the impact of movement on both our #physical and mental #health.

Here are some of benefits of getting up and moving:


💪Muscular benefits: we have over 600 muscles in our body contributing to about 40% of our body weight. Moving strengthens these muscles, improving our balance, stability, and coordination.


🦴Bones: Movement improves bone density making them more durable and denser. Resistance training such as lifting weights, running, jogging, walking and balance trainings are all provided to be beneficial for bones.


🫁Heart & Lung: Many studies have shown that moving and exercising improves #hearthealth. Cycling is an aerobic exercise and doing it for about 30 minutes a day increases cardiovascular fitness.


🧠Mental Health: Regular movement and exercise have proved to improve #mood by reducing #stress levels, anxiety and depression. It also improves memory and helps you sleep better.


🏋️‍♀️Joints: Movement improves joint flexibility and function. Stretching and doing Yoga helps your joints and better flexibility.