Importance of Service Navigation & Respite Services

By Annie Zhang

February 9, 2021


Written by a very special guest, Annie’s blog is centred around The Importance of Service Navigation & Respite Services.


Importance of Service Navigation-

When caregivers receive a formal diagnosis letter or report of a developmental and ASD diagnosis, a journey of discovering and accessing available resources starts. Resource navigation has never been a simple “copy and paste” process. It is a tailored-made process as everyone’s needs are so unique.


Therefore, caregivers may feel anxious, lost and nervous about what they will expect to do to help their child to receive the appropriate support. Having someone to sit down with the caregivers to understand their situation, explain the available resources and support them with referrals and applications is an essential first step for many families.


Respite services –

Throughout years of providing individualized support to families with a family member with developmental disabilities/ASD, they always prioritize their children’s needs, which is understandable. However, often, self-care becomes the least priority.


The definition of respite in the dictionary is “a short period of rest or relief from something difficult or unpleasant.” Providing daily care to their children requires lots of time and effort, with accessing navigating the service system can be exhausted. Respite services can be an excellent way for caregivers to relax and have some time to put themselves first to get ready for any new challenges.