Using Smartphone Games as a Way to Improve Your Mental Health

By Medha Saraiya

May 6


When it comes to mental de-stressing, there are many non-traditional routes we can take to achieve this. Whenever I find myself to be down, I look towards smartphone games to uplift my mood and promote mental stimulation.


There are many free games that you can download that not only help improve your mood, but also assist in improving your maintaining your cognitive health such as Moodfit or MoodMission. When I am anxious, games like Candy Crush Saga or 2048 help me destress. The repetitive action of tapping on the screen and problem solving helps calm me down. There are several other games such as Woodoku, Chess, Scrabble or Sudoku that also make you think, and serve the same purpose!


During this week of mental health, let’s not only talk about overcoming mental health challenges, but also talk about maintaining your mental health. I encourage you all to try this technique out, as it’s not only fun and destressing, but also aids in improving your cognitive health! Happy playing!