Welcome to Brain Health Month!

By Medha Saraiya

March 4


Let’s talk a bit about Brain Health this month!

It is important for our #seniors to keep active and to keep their brain healthy. In doing so, they can #reduce the risks of #Dementia, #Depression and #Stress.


Why is this important:

Brain is one of the most vital organs in charge of our actions, our thinking capacity and our reactions. There are some risk factors that we no control over such as #age and #genetics. Although that may be the case, we can reduce the risk of diseases such as Dementia by:

  • Looking after your long-term brain health
  • Reducing your risk of other cognitive and chronic #diseases
  • Protecting your overall health


How do we do this:

  • #Exercise regularly. Exercising and increasing your heart rate pumps more blood to our brain, nourishing it.
  • Be #socially #active. #Connecting with people either online or in person aids in keeping your brain active. Regular socializing also helps reduce #depression.
  • Challenge your brain. Get your brain thinking by learning something new or doing a new activity. Games like Sudoku and Crossword help.
  • Eat #healthy diet. Eating more fruits, vegetables and nuts help in keeping your brain active. Limit alcohol and tobacco intake.
  • Finally, make conscious #choices and stay safe!